There are people who are going through life with their head held high. All their earthly deeds, words and actions are imbued with a palpable sense of majesty, which always emanates from the depths of their soul, from the wisdom of their holy spirit. One of the ancient stories about the birth of the world takes us to Africa, which is still considered as the cradle of life. Africa is also the homeland of a system of highly energetic symbols named “Adinkra”. Among the main and the most significant Adinkra symbols are the three concentric circles that symbolize the greatness, the charisma and the leadership of people, inherent just in few persons. Residence of our souls on this earth often engenders in people a sense of chaos, confusion and fear of death. The inherently free spirit feels too confused when it is put into the limitations of our earthly body. However there are people who still harbor deep inside them the memories for the boundless freedom and their universal nature. They know how to build bridges, to land a hand, to find the right solutions and in some sense to create order in the so seeming earthly chaos in which we are living. In fact, they actually possess the chaos, harmonizing the three concentric circles of their existence, which symbolize their body, soul and spirit.

MEASURES: 61 x 61 x 3 cm

MEDIA: Mixed Media

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