A hand lettered sports bra with built-in inspiration.  


Our workout wear is both high quality and fashionable. Inside every sports bra is a powerful affirmation designed to help you stay positive through out your workout. Each saying is hand crafted from durable vinyl. Each sports bra contains it's own inspirational message visible only to the wearer. 

Positivity breeds positive energy. Wear the bra that inspires you to generate the energy that supercharges your workout. Affirm Sports keeps a positive, self inspiring message right next to your heart. 

Three styles to choose from, with four different messages in three colors. 

Choose your color, style and 1 of 4 inspires message that fit you.

1. When you focus on today

     tomorrow will be easier.

2. Be who you are, don't let

     others decide for you.

3. Pain is temporary,

     pride is forever.

4. I changed my thinking,

     it changed my life.

Give yourself that extra energy that pushes your workouts to a new level.

Affirmations have been studied by scientists and doctors to show that positive messages will give you positive results, increasing your inner power and health.

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