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I began beading in 2005 with my son who is quite artistic. We thought we would start out small and maybe he could eventually go to school to become a Silver/Goldsmith. Well after about 6 months he was on to something new and I had found my true passion. I have never looked back since. Making beautiful jewelry is my life and my passion. I couldn't imagine a day without it. So much so that in 2007 I opened a 2500 sq. ft. beading store. In as much as I have loved the past 10 years of teaching my customers so many different forms of beading, evolving myself to levels I thought I would never achieve and just making friends, I have come to know that where I began is where I will end. I love just making jewelry and having fun. I have some many different pieces that go from the whimsical to the Avant Garde. I love them all and it is my hope that you will love them too!


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